The Sound of Charleston

“From Gospel to Gershwin”

Charleston’s longest running musical production

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Come and experience the music that helps define Charleston’s history…gospel, Gershwin, Civil War, jazz, and light classics….in live concerts at historic Circular Congregational Church. Frommers Travel Guide says “the best night out in the city…a must see performance.”


About Us

Ten years ago, after reading visitor surveys and travel magazines say that history was a top reason people come to Charleston, we launched a new concert series we called The Sound of Charleston. 500 concerts later, visitors and locals are still flocking to Circular
Congregational Church to hear history coming to life through music performed by our finest professional musicians. Our shows entertain, educate, and evoke emotion through gospel spirituals, Civil War songs, Gershwin’s “Porgy & Bess” and “Rhapsody in Blue”, jazz and light classics of the St. Cecelia Society. “Amazing Grace”, composed by John Newton after worshipping in our venue, concludes every show.

Why Our Concerts Hit a High Note with Our Guests

Great Show

The show includes a variety of musical styles associated with the history of Charleston. We have seen it twice now and thoroughly enjoyed it both times! Some of the acts were different the second time. Apparently, they rotate performers. Especially enjoyed the gospels and the Gershwin. The venue is gorgeous!

– Clinton B. on TripAdvisor
Lovely Evening

I was not expecting to be so moved by this concert but found myself in tears at many points throughout the performance. The singers were top notch and the church is the perfect venue. If you're thinking about it, go!

– Martyna on TripAdvisor

All I heard and sang in school were a lot of the old songs from the Civil War and I loved hearing them sung by professionals. The folks did an outstanding job reliving those early days of the country and the singers were truly amazing. We really enjoyed the show and felt it was a fair representation of the times and music of Charleston.

– George on TripAdvisor
A Special Experience

This was our second time for this event, held on a Wednesday evening at this beautiful and historic circular church. The music comes from several generations and is quite varied but we especially loved the gospel singers and their spirituals. The narrator is so enthusiastic and full of info. The last number is played on the piano, "Rhapsody in Blue", and it is played to perfection and very moving!

– Bennie G. on TripAdvisor
Incredible Talent

We truly loved the presentation of the sights and sounds of Charleston throughout the years. The church was a fantastic venue. A wonderful experience while we were in the Holy City.

– Linda Z. on TripAdvisor